One down, two more to go

Today is the last day for the event in Cleveland. So glad this one is done! I’ve been so exhausted. Yesterday was the longest day – working from 6:30am to 9:30pm. 15 freaking hours!! I barely ate yesterday since I was so tired from getting little sleep and waking up early. 

I was also stressed and nervous out of my mind because of the dinner situation. I was so worried there wouldn’t be enough food for everyone. I ended up puking before dinner because I was so stressed >< 

Luckily there was enough food for everyone and even a lot left over too! I was so relieved and felt like I could finally breathe.

At the end of the night though, my legs were sore and in pain and my lower back was aching. (I don’t know why but my lower back has been hurting lately if I stand/on my feet for a few hours; I should really go see a doctor) Ended up knocking out immediately when I finally went to bed. Sleeping never felt so good!

Next stop~ Edmonton. Sighhh

One down, two more to go

I did it! I cleaned the shower. It was so freaking disgusting ugh. I guess because I’m kind of blind without my glasses/contacts in the mornings when I shower I don’t really see how disgusting it is. Anyways it’s cleaned but now my back is in pain.

I have back/shoulder pains already from sitting in my bad posture in front of the computer all day at work. Hunching over and scrubbing the shower pan did not help at all. My weak arms are tired and shaking from excessive scrubbing too. I’m lying in bed right now but my arms can barely even hold up my phone to type this update.

Just wanted to put it out there that I actually did something other than lie in bed all day! ^^ My one step forward! (You’ll probably hear about my three steps back later this week ><;;)