Quick Update;

I got another hair cut yesterday. Tried out a new place and the guy cut my hair wayyyyy too short. I look like a guy now. Sighhh…oh wells. Tried something new and it didn’t work out. What can I do? Definitely not going back there again though.

At work – closing registration for the upcoming event this weekend. We already extended the deadlines three times already! From May 8th till today. It’s ridiculous and I still have people sending in their qualification forms requesting for a RSVP. Like dude, the last day to RSVP was YESTERDAY. There’s this one CEO (his wife) in particular that is annoying as fuck and sends their shit multiple times despite us telling them no the first time already. I’m just gonna start ignoring it. Why do people always wait until the last minute and expect to get an exception? Like homie, we gave you a month to do this shit.

Other than work, I’ve just been really sad and depressed lately about my life. I just keep telling myself it’s only three more weeks. Just gotta hold on for three more weeks and then I’ll be free.

Quick Update;

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