Can’t Choose Your Family

Aunt on my dad’s side is doing a bbq tomorrow. I don’t want to go because 1. I’m gonna be trapped there for god knows how long. It’s like an hour away and if I have to go the whole family will go together and it’s not like I have a car to drive myself home when I want to leave. ALSO my dad always makes us the last to leave despite all of us having work and school the next day and have to wake up early but does he have any consideration for us? No. We don’t leave until 9 or 10pm and don’t get home until 11pm-ish. No, I don’t want to sleep in the car, I want to sleep in my bed.

(You know what’s funny though? My dad is ALWAYS absent from family gatherings on my mom’s side but he makes all of us go to family stuff on HIS side, despite none of us wanting to go -.-)

The second reason I don’t want to go is because I just don’t like any of my cousins on my dad’s side. They all grew up together and have inside jokes and it just makes me and my siblings uncomfortable since it feels like we’re outcasts. They’re not bad people; they’re actually really nice!! It’s just we have nothing in common so there’s nothing to really talk about. We may be family but given the choice, I rather be alone than hang out with them.

Can’t Choose Your Family

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